TigerStop Automation for Piranha Ironworkers

You'll never have to worry about inaccurately punched parts again. Piranha's partnership with TigerStop helps you avoid human error and the need to rework inaccurate parts.

The NEW Piranha  Press Brake Line

Customers tell us it's champagne on a beer budget. Why?

  • EasyCrown Hydraulic Crowning System (comes standard)
  • Easy-to-use Delem controls
  • Trusted Piranha customer service 

New Bertsch EasyRoll Bending Wizard

So predictable and accurate, it's almost magic.



Whitney Lasers are high-performance, state-of-the-art, extremely precise and dynamic machine tools. Available in sizes from 5’ x 10’ to 10’ x 20’, and with available fiber laser power up to 12kW, there is a Whitney Laser available for your specific application


Integrated Hydraulic Bed Crowning.

World class components such as Delem Controls, Hoerbiger Hydraulics and Panasonic/Delta Drives and Motors.

Side and rear safety gates as well as state of the art laser curtains from Fiessler.

Wide range of capacities from 35 to over 3000 tons and widths over 40’.  Double and Triple Tandem machines are available.




Piranha Ironworker’s unique and versatile  features such as urethane stripping, automatic shear hold-downs, quick change tooling, low blade rake angles, and six standard work stations, coupled with its ergonomic design and clear lines of sight to all tools, including shear blades, place Piranha ironworkers far above the competition. These features produce higher quality fabricated parts, and make Piranha hydraulic ironworkers easier to use than any other ironworker.


Combination machines use the fastest technologies to make parts – punching and plasma cutting.  Additional features such as forming, drilling, tapping, milling, marking, and bevel cutting can be added to eliminate additional downstream operations, allowing parts to be completed in a single operation.

Read on to discover how Whitney’s Profit Doubler will maximize your return on investment.




Bertsch Bending Rolls utilize industry leading hydraulics and electrics in both Three-Roll Initial Pinch and Four Roll Double Pinch robust designs.


Two cylinder guillotine metal plate shears available in base and premium models including CNC control and Go-to back gauge designs.  Adjustable blade gap, brake angle, and stroke length are features available in 1/4″ to 1″ shearing capacity in models up from 8′ to 26′ in width.




Whitney Precision Plasma cutting tables provide maximum accuracy using precision fabricated and machine structural components. Designed and optimized for high definition plasma cutting with machine tool accuracy, Whitney Plasma tables provide unsurpassed performance and reliability.


Whitney Portable Hydraulic Presses are high quality machine tools, backed by decades of in-house experienced and professional customer service and application.

Punching is one of the least expensive ways of making holes in structural shapes. Whitney portable presses reduce “hole” costs because punching takes only a small fraction of the time required for drilling or burning holes and eliminates clean-up operations.


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