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No other brand of hydraulic ironworker compares to the tremendously versatile Piranha P-65.

Features such as urethane stripping, automatic shear hold-downs, quick change tooling, low blade rake angles, and six standard work stations, coupled with its ergonomic design and clear lines of sight to all tools, including shear blades, place Piranha ironworkers far above the competition. These features produce higher quality fabricated parts, and make Piranha hydraulic ironworkers easier to use than any other ironworker.

Most of the features of the tremendously successful P-65 can be found in the entire line of Piranha ironworkers. Piranha has the Best Customer Satisfaction in the Industry (click here for details). It's no wonder that Piranha is the leading brand of ironworker in North America.

Piranha's logo is known throughout the metal fabricating industry as the symbol of durable, quality-built ironworkers. Piranha equipment is simple in design, heavy in construction, and outfitted with efficient, safe operator features. Use genuine Piranha ironworker tooling to make your ironworker even more productive and flexible than you could ever imagine. Use your imagination to determine what your ironworker can do for you.

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